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“It’s 34 years today since flight 191 to Dallas killed my best friend Ian Laver and was survived by his young son Richie whom most of you know. I miss Ian as much today as I did the second I found he left us. But it warms my heart that after years of struggles, Richie Laver has found his heart! BTW Richie, I just left flowers, like I do every year that I can, at the site of the old clubhouse. I am now heading to the best next thing I can do, and that’s to have a tall Bundaberg and Coke with a lime! And to think about the great tennis club he’s building in the sky.” 💐😎 – John Ingles

“On this day Friday 34 years ago I was 12 , boarded a delta ✈️ for Dallas en route to boys 12 nationals in San Diego. I forgot about today until John ingles who was living with us posted about it just now. 137 died that afternoon when we crashed into a water tower. I was thrown 50 yards clear from the plane. it was Friday . 24 children under 18 died that day. I have faith in god because I think I saw him in those closing seconds. Nobody walks away from a plane crash and it has taken me a lifetime to be ok. Love you Ian Laver the older I get the more I realize you fit a lot in your 44 year old life.inlost you that day but tennis lost a leader. I never cared as much about tennis but you have your heart to it.

God bless you all. I hope we all love each other a little more. Life can be gone like that.
Thanks for the reminder jingles. John Ingles” – Richard Laver


Match Made Ian Laver Miss Earlier Flight

Ian Laver and John Ingles played tennis Thursday afternoon, and the game went on so long that Laver didn’t make it to the bank until it was closed.

He had intended to withdraw money to pay for a trip to California, where he was to visit a friend then watch his son, Richard, compete in a national junior tennis tournament this week.

“He would have left that night if the bank was opened,” Ingles said Saturday. “We got there 30 seconds to a minute too late.”…



The Inner Game of Tennis


Kate Farms – Plant-Based Nutritional Formulas

When we help a person live a good life, we change the world.

Kate Farms was started when a little girl named Kate was failing to thrive because she couldn’t tolerate any of the available tube feeding formulas. Her determined parents, Richard and Michelle Laver, had this transformative idea to develop a better formula: use the highest-quality organic ingredients without allergens found in other formulas.

Today Kate is thriving and Kate Farms formulas continue to change lives…



A well-balanced meal in a bottle. Each 11 oz shake delivers 16 g of organic pea protein and 35% of the DRV for 24 micronutrients. Does not contain any dairy, gluten, soy, corn, nuts, artificial colors or artificial flavors…



Managing Your Emotions in Sports – Meditation in Movement – Zen in Sports

How to Stay Calm and Relaxed During Competition – Emotional Mastery

During competitions, if you feel like any external factors (the crowd, competitors, judges, etc…) make you nervous, you will always be at their mercy, not having any real control. You need to take the control back!



Timing Is Everything – Sleep, Exercise, Health and Nutrition – Sports Science

Why Roger Federer Sleeps Twelve Hours a Day?

For elite athletes, sleep is the greatest performance enhancing drug of all. In this short video, neuroscientist Professor Matthew Walker, author of the international bestseller Why We Sleep, explains the science behind Roger Federer, LeBron James and Usain Bolt’s enhanced sleep regimes…



How Safe is Sunscreen? – Sunscreen Rules – Dermatologist’s Top Sunscreen Tips

FDA Proposes New Rule To Ensure Safety, Effectiveness Of Sunscreen Products

US health regulators are seeking changes that will make it easier for consumers to find safe and effective sunscreen products.


Clearing the Way for Healing – Voyage Recovery

There are many paths to the same destination. We encourage our men to travel the one that feels right for them, using their sense of passion and purpose as a guide. We’ve explored what this looks like previously, with artistic expression or outdoor adventure, and another route is through spirituality…



Best Tennis Shots Ever


The 5 Best Tennis Moments in History

From iconic retirement speeches to incredible victories, tennis has certainly had its fair share of iconic moments. The experts Big Tennis at down these five iconic tennis moments – moments that we think are five of the greatest, most inspiring, and most memorable in tennis history…



Mental Coaching for Tennis Athletes – Tennis Conditioning – Improve Footwork

A fit tennis player needs to have a strong, explosive and well-coordinated body with great stamina and flexibility. Tennis conditioning and fitness is an aspect of tennis training. Pro tennis players know the need for tennis conditioning and tennis footwork exercises…



Beach Tennis with John Ingles

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